We as living species all have a superpower, a superpower that can be used to get out of any bad situation: The ability to change our perspective of things.


Arrow keys or WASD - Move & Jump-

Space Bar - Also jump.

Z or Q - Change perspective.

R or Return - Restart level.

DIRECTED BY:   @ricgby

ART / SPRITES:   @Dragonkey27 

SOUND EFFECTS@mariassassin 




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Really loved the sweetness of this game, heartwarming :)

However I am not really fan of the mix between hand-drawn and pixel art, but maybe that's just me. Also, I really wish the hitboxes of the  plants and enemies were smaller, some levels were really hard and frustrating.

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Thank you! I'll fix the hitboxes once the jam is over. 

Love the art style

Thanks! I'll be releasing it for everyone once the jam is over, also the artist is freelancing, so if you want more of that reach her through twitter!

Really challenging and nice ending. Good luck with the jam.

Good luck to you too! I'll play your game once I have time :)

i love it 


really great manic !

Thank you so much!

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AMAZING! I cried at the end :(

I am glad you liked it n.n

i realy liked the game and the end!GOOD JOB! but i aggree that the contors are a bit weird!

Hey, thanks for your feedback!, I am going to change the jump and restart button :)

a d to move q to change prespective will be better but keep the arrows too if you can


Thanks, I'll update it tonight n.n

i love this game, the twist at the end was amazing but a bit confusing

Thank you n.n

Fun, but the controls make it difficult to play.


Hey, thanks for your feedback!, I am going to change the jump and restart button :)