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Unity Dialogue Manager

Hi guys! We have been developing a Dialogue Manager for Unity, right now we have the following features:

Words spell out like a typewriter.

We added a custom inspector so that you can create this easily, let me show you an example with the inspector view, as you can see, you can modify the text speed mid dialogue, just by writing the speed you want between brackets.


Inspector view:

Character creation.

We have also added a custom inspector for character creation, here you can do the following things:

  • Add voices to the character (the "beep sound" that plays when a word comes out in the dialogue)
  • Add different expressions to a character, you can select them in each dialogue.
  • Add a name to your character, that can be displayed in the dialogue box.

What needs to be done.

We have had a lot of progress in the past weeks, but we also need to add text effects, like this one:

Also, we need a clean way to manage conditionals for entering the dialogue.

Support & Questions.

If you like this project,  we would appreciate if you follow me on twitter, or join our discord, this project is meant to be free and open source.

If you have a question you can send us a tweet, or ask on our discord :)

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